• Consultant
  • designer
  • speaker

Communication, design
& public speaking

For more than 10 years, I’ve been enjoying doing design and communication which works and earns money. Companies have been inviting me to motivate their employees – and I don’t mind.

I hate mushrooms and love mountains. I spend one-fourth of my time on non-profit projects because if I can, I like to help. You should as well.


Cooperation and brief creation
for graphics studios or agencies.
Because without a good brief, there is no good result.


External project management
of your rebranding, product kickoff or internal team building.


Independent audit
of your visual communication, branding
or products.


Public speaking


A tailor-made or ready-made talk of your choice on collaboration, the importance of little things, public speaking hacks or design thinking.


Assistance with the preparation of your talk or presentation: the concept, dramaturgy, draft and design.

10. narodeniny značky O2
                pre 1200 hostí

A ten-year O2 anniversary for 1200 guests
at Refinery Gallery (2017)

Creative Mornings Prague
                pre 1200 hostí

Creative Mornings Prague
with 100 participants (2015)

Creative Mornings
Najsledovanejšia TEDx na Slovensku
                  pre 1200 hostí

The most popular TEDx
talk in Slovakia. (2013)

“A perfect example that a good speaker matters. A fantastic talk about how to overcome failures and pursue your idea further.”
“I haven’t met such a good, open speaker with a sense of humor for a long time. I would make his presentation compulsory for all.”
Tatra banka
“Jakub is a professional speaker who fills the presentation not only with facts, personal stories and motivation but also with a touch of good humor. Even if just for his pace of speech, he will never bore you.”
“I give 6 out of 5 stars.”
“What an excellent speaker! I could completely relate to what he spoke about.”